Negotiate to WIN! by Jack Donaghy

1. Meeting #1 : Surprise!

2. Meeting #2 : Your Second First Impression

a) Wear dark colours, with a single power acent.
b) Every Hair in place. Hair movement is a sign of weakness.
c) And whatever you do, don’t speak first.
90% of negotiations are lost by the person who speaks first.
Note : Use fake phone call to buy time in an emergency situation.

3. Meeting #3 (If loose the first initiative) : On your home turf.

a) Anticipate counter move, employing “A shortness is weakness” power axiom.
b) Be the first person, to do power quiet talking,forcing the negotiatee to lean in
and wonder if they’re missing any key phrases.
c) If the negotiatee is doing the sorcerer’s apprentice, respond with a pirate holiday,and negotiatee have no choice but to play the hillbilly auction.

4. After a negotiation,the winner should get the loser a gift.

Reference : Season 6, Episode 5


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